© 2018 by Beyond Child Smile Tanzania.

Help to educate children and build futures. 

For now, and for the generations after us.


We are a young organization with registration No. 00NGO/0009498 based in Ilboru, Arusha. 


Our aim is to bring people from different backgrounds together to build a quality education system for children in primary schools all around Illboru.


We are currently placing volunteers from all around the world to different schools all around Arusha.


With over 4000 students coming from difficult financial backgrounds, help is needed urgently. 


We are now in a cooperation with a local bookshop so that we can provide school materials and books to our schools. 


We don't have a direct donation system yet but if you want to support us, we will be happy to hear from you through our contact form. 

Get Involved

Do you want to experience life in Tanzania yourself? Come and teach with us in one of our schools in Ilboru. We are very happy to organize a lovely hostfamily for you and help you with planning your journey. 


Beyond Child Smile and Golden Aya are currently partnered on  projects in Tanzanian. Golden Aya is a non-profit organization centered around Africa and its diaspora. It was created to provide services around the world through programs that foster education, creativity, recreation, community development, technology, culture and world knowledge. We are currently volunteering as teachers at a school called Shining Star, building a community water well in Arusha, Tanzania, adding books and other supplies to a local library that tutors local children, and in the process of supporting a government school in Arusha, Tanzania.

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