Our Team.

We might not be many, but we are passionate about what we do. 

Samson Justo
Project manager.

I have started "Beyond Child smile" in 2012 and ever since I have been passionate about finding new volunteers to come and teach in our schools and to create unforgettable experiences for the volunteers, kids and our Community in general. I am very happy that over the years more and more volunteers came to share their knowledge, experience and passion with us. Karibu sana Tanzania

Marko Silas
Program manager.
Key contact.

I received my diploma level in Wildlife Management and Tourism from African Wildlife Management (MWEKA) at Moshi region in 2014. Afterwards I took a course in  IT and got a certification and  worked for White Rose NGO (Moshi) for six months. I went to another International Organization known as Africa Impact (Moshi) and I worked with them for four months and got the "Africa Impact Certificate". I joined Beyond Child Smile in January 2018 as Assistant Program Manager in Arusha - Tanzania.

Maglan Lotti
Accomodation lead.
Administration officer.

l joined Beyond Child smile in 2013, I dreamt to change my community in a sustainable matter; by finding volunteers, by helping the children and youth who are living in poor families, by educating them so that they can grow up and influence our community, city and country for the better. We already noticed a lot of positive changes in the area through our projects so we want to continue our effort and make the organization and hence our community grow. I know that education is the key to open success for our children and our community.

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