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Beyond Child Smile Building Project

1. Short Description


Whether you are a student on summer vacation, taking a gap year, or looking for a career break, if you want to get your hands dirty and see physical results volunteering overseas, our Building project in Arusha Tanzania may be ideal.

2. Our program


Building volunteers work in and around Arusha are involved in helping to construct a variety of different buildings. This includes classrooms, libraries, and nursery schools, renovation and painting of schools in the communities in which we work. Since the scale of these projects is a lot bigger than our teaching project, we only accept groups as from 5 people to work in our building project.

3. What you can expect


You do not need previous building experience to take part in this project, although anyone who does have any relevant skills will be very welcome and able to take on a more specialized role. All volunteers should, however, be reasonably fit and prepared for working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. 

Volunteers work alongside a local builder, who will teach you all the necessary building and construction skills to enable you to take part in the construction process, and assist with all levels of building. The buildings are made using traditional methods and locally sourced materials. The construction techniques are simple to master and are ideal for sites with limited resources. No electricity is required at the site and everything is done by hand!

Our building projects accept volunteers all year-round, so you can volunteer when it suits you. There are plenty of activities in which you can get involved such as mixing cement, digging foundations, plastering and painting. Volunteers often work in the early mornings and late afternoons to avoid the heat. If you enjoy seeing physical results of your hard work, a building project will be for you!

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