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I don't have any teaching experience. English is not my mother tongue. Can I volunteer in your project?

Yes. Of course, any experience with children or even experience of teaching is an asset, but not an obligation. We welcome everybody who is willing to share their potential skills, time and knowledge with our kids, teachers and our community in general. Just effort and mo- tivation are required.

What type of food is served in the Homestay?

The Homestays will provide and eat local cuisine, generally starch (rice, potato, bananas...) accompanied by vegetables, meat or fish and fresh fruit. There is also some special food from Tanzania like ugali (paste made from corn) and chapatti (thin bread) which is also accompanied by vegetables and meat.

Is there electricity in the Homestay? What type of power outlets do they have?

Yes. The Homestays all have 220V electrical supply with UK plug sockets. Power outages are not uncommon in Tanzania.

Is there telephone or internet access at the Homestay?

No. Beyond Child Smile can assist you in purchasing a local SIM card if you have your own cell phone. The cost for one week of unlimited data is approximately US$3,50, airtime costs vary depending on the networks and on the bundle type, but you can expect to pay approxi- mately US$20 per month.

Can I drink and smoke at the Homestay?

The Homestays are flexible. However, please inform Beyond Child Smile in advance of your re- quirements so that we can place you with an appropriate Homestay.

Are there facilities for me to wash my clothes at the Homestay?

Yes. The Homestay will provide you with running water, buckets and a washing line. You will need to buy your own washing powder, the approximate cost for 45 grams is US$0,20. 

Is it safe to drink the water in Arusha?

It is safe to drink the tap water after it has been boiled, or you can purchase bottled water in the village at approximately US$0,50 per 1litre.


How safe is it for foreigners to walk around Arusha?

It is perfectly safe to walk around Arusha. However, be aware of the traffic, your environ- ment and people who offer assistance. Always take care when travelling after dark. The town is visited by many foreigners, so you should not have any problems if you take the necessary precautions for a traveller.


Is there ATM access in Arusha?

Yes. There are many around the city centre.


What currencies can I use in Arusha?

You can only use Tanzanian Shillings around the villages of Arusha. If you are travelling to the national parks or on safaris please enquire about preferred currencies.


What is the cost of basic goods?

By western standards goods are generally inexpensive, a bar of soap would cost you US$0,75, a banana would cost US$0,07, a local beer would cost US$1


Is there a risk that I may get travellers diarrhea or any other stomach ailments?

Yes. There is always a risk when travelling to Africa. However, in our experience this is not a common problem among volunteers.


Is it possible to make a donation of some sort?

Yes. We would be delighted if you could make a financial or material contribution. Al- though Nakupenda administers the process, 100% of your contribution goes directly to meet the schools’ needs. 

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