While primary school and secondary education in Tanzania is funded by the government, there are many additional costs that still hinder students from low-income families to attend school. Many of our students cannot afford school uniforms, books, school meals or even transportation and are forced to end their education after primary school.

You can sponsor a student at Beyond Child Smile Organization  for as little amount  per month! When you sponsor a student, your donation goes toward school fees, books, exercise books, pencils and other school supplies.

Many students come from small, one room, or unfinished homes, and have families that struggle to support them. They might not get adequate food, clothing, and health care. Other children who attend schools around our communities  are from typical family environments  within the area, mostly reliant on farming income to support an average family size of 5 or 6. The fund is managed on a communal basis in order to ensure that resources are allocated as they are needed and no child is left behind.


With your generous donation you will receive: An email confirming your sponsorship, a picture of your sponsored child along with a letter from him/her and a biannual email from Beyond Child Smile Organization  and the child.

You can also opt to donate an amount to the local bookstore called 'Kase store LTD'. The money will be used to purchase books, notebook, pencils, pens, and everything the children need for a succesfull year in school!

Any amount helps!

Name of the Bank: CRDB Bank, Meru Branch, P.O. Box 3132, Arusha Tanzania.

Account name: Kase Stores LTD

Foreign account number: 02J1035746700

Local account number: 01J1035746700

Swift Code: Corutztz

Comment: Beyond Child smile

Message us on WhatsApp: +255757981122

If you have any questions or wish to sponsor a child, please contact

Your generous support will help buy school supplies like:

School books
​And much more...

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