Our Partners

Since we are small, we greatly appreciate all the help we get!

Bookfeeding Project

Bookfeeding Project is an association aimed at providing books and educational materials to communities in need. They develop their libraries in cooperation with local NGO’s and organizations as a part of already existing projects, but they also build libraries as independent projects. They aim to create self-sustainable and environmentally friendly projects that you too can get involved in and support.

For more information about the bookfeeding project, please visit http://bookfeeding.org/ .

Beyond Child Smile is lucky and grateful to be a part of this project, with Visiwani Public Library as a result. Asante sana Bookfeeding Project

Golden Aya Corp

Golden Aya is non-profit organization centered around Africa and its diaspora. It was created to provide services around the world through programs that foster education, creativity, recreation, community development, technology, culture and world knowledge. As we travel to our selected communities, we make connections with local entities to develop projects and set up volunteer opportunities. Our projects assist in the development of the intuitions itself and/or those that they accommodate. Our goal is to provide water, educational tools, volunteers, and other obtainable resources that can help increase the effectivity that the given institute has on the community. We are also looking to expand our connections with locals and local organizations to facilitate the efforts of our projects.

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